As I speak about what our passions are in life and business, my website would not be complete without my absolute love of Music.
It has been such a catharsis for me on so many levels, and has been very personal.
I can go on and on, about my musical influences….and that will be another page.
This page is dedicated to the songs I have written.
The original songs here were written as a way to simply express my feelings and what I hear in my head. They were not written to be hits, or popular. They are personal and emotional FOR ME. They reflect the journey of life that I have been on. They have been described as “movies for your ears”….or “cinema rock”…I love a song that takes you on a journey musically….I guess it would be deemed progressive music in that regard.
Ultimately, I would hope some of you would enjoy them as much as I have in creating them.

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