Joint Ventures Explained

Joint Venture: a complete partnership where each person brings a unique talent.

A joint venture is basically a partnership agreement made between you ( the investor) and us ( the real estate experts). A “Joint Venture Agreement” is drawn up between us and reviewed by your solicitor before signing. This agreement explains exactly how this partnership will work. It makes clear things like, who contributes what amounts, responsibilities, exit strategies, and of course the property details. It should be noted that unlike the RRSP investment, a joint venture has more risk, but in turn, it also has more opportunity for gain. A joint venture in most cases will offer double-digit returns. But the best part for you the investor is that it is a “hands-free” real estate investment. It is designed specifically for those that want to physically own investment real estate without the hassles and complexities of managing it. In essence, this agreement brings together someone who wants to invest in real estate ( you) with someone who is a full-time, professional real estate investor (us). We consider ourselves “experts” because we do this day in, day out. We make our living from it. It is not something we do “on the side” after our day job. No, we have been active in professional real estate investing for over 15 years. We have consistently bought cash positive properties and on every one made double-digit returns for ALL our investments.

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