Setting Goals – Introduction

This program of goal setting is bigger then you can imagine. It will transform your whole life. These life-changing concepts presented here, once started, will help you accomplish more on a daily basis then you could ever dream possible. As you work a goal setting program like this one, what you will be doing, in reality, is prioritizing your life. You will be laying out the roadmap of your life and ultimately your success. Think of it like this, people spend more time planning their wedding then they do their own life. They spend enormous amounts of time planning a two week holiday than their complete 90-year life.

Take the time to study and develop a “goal mindset” laid out on this website. By so doing you will train yourself to succeed daily. The foundations of this website are built on the concept that self-esteem and achieving goals go hand in hand. Although we talk a lot about setting goals, what we are really striving at is increasing your self-esteem, your personal self-image. With strong self-esteem you can accomplish ANYTHING you set your mind to. So if you follow this program, the end result will be greater self-confidence and higher self-esteem. Setting and then achieving your goals will work miracles for your self-image.

The absolute starting point for a complete goals program is that you must begin with your definition of your purpose in life. Your one reason for living. Start by defining the ONE PURPOSE that you believe in. The one concept that you KNOW is right and are willing to base your existence on. Yes, it is THE BIG ONE. All your other goals and successes in life must be pointed towards this ONE big goal. The best graphical image is the triangle shape. At the very top will be this one Big goal. Everything must in some way revolve around this ONE goal in your life. All your other goals ( financial, physical etc…) will be under this one goal. For many, it is an esoteric goal, one that is centered on spirituality, and one that is most definitely not related to anything tangible. Take the time now to think this through. Be clear about it. For some, it is OK to admit that it is hard to define this. But by working this goals program, you will eventually get the “goal mindset” and the BIG ONE will make itself evident for you.

Everything about the SIX STEPS TO SUCCESS starts here. All the six principal categories that we call the “SUCCESS MATRIX” ( Financial, Physical, Spiritual, Intellectual, Social, Career) must have their own individual goals. Like the triangle we mentioned earlier, each of these areas will have further daily goals under them. You must first apply these six steps of goal planning to each of these matrices. By so doing you will “map” out your complete dreams. They all work together. They all interconnect to form COMPLETE SUCCESS. Yes it takes work, and yes it’s true, nothing good in life comes free and easy… for more info on daily personal success read my blog.

So what is your very first step?

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