Your Money And Real Estate

Looking to learn about how to buy your first rental property?
Wondering how development projects make money?
Want to learn how to invest in Mortgages, Equity deals, and even Limited Partnerships?
Education is the ONLY key to successful real estate investing. Having hosted a TV show for five years, I have assembled over hundreds of educational videos, books, and seminars all on educating investors.

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About Mark

I have worked as an entrepreneur my whole life. I am a big believer that success is achieved through setting REALISTIC GOALS, so 1989 I took a very successful music career and started investing in the business. I found that real estate was the path of least resistance to passive income. 

I deeply endorse the concept of "speak from what you know". I built a real estate career that includes income property management, financing, commercial real estate sales, site planning, construction management, and development/project management. I have been engaged in development/project management of various projects totaling in excess of five hundred million Dollars ($500,000,000).

As well, using my skills honed on being on stage, I created 7 seasons of a highly successful TV show "Your Money and Real Estate". From there I also wrote a book summarizing all that I have learned from the hundreds of guests interviewed. 

My primary focus now is on building a portfolio, education, financing, and helping others achieve their dreams through real estate.

Get Marks Book on How to Invest

With over 20 years investing and hundreds of interviews on TV,  I have put together the best of the best in a book for you to reference. Packed full of tools and tips, worksheets, formulas, all that you need to get started investing in real estate now

Get Financing for your Next Investment Property

Mark is a registered Mortgage Broker and knows that the key to successful investing is finding the right financing model. Mark is president of KingsCross Financial Inc ( FSCO #12812) and knows how to get the tough deals done, he has been there, having done hundreds of his own - Commercial, Development, Income, Rental, Land. Contact KingsCross Financial now and get that Deal Done!

My Affiliations

Private Lending

We are a boutique Real Estate Brokerage. We specialize in private lending and alternative structures for both investor and property builder/developers.

Private Capital Markets

There is lots of information on the public markets but very little on the private or "exempt" markets, Alternative Investing Strategies TV. Saturday and Sunday 5 pm watch it on Bloomberg TV Canada.

Changing the Film and Media Industry

TV Shows, Corporate Videos, Feature Films, and Short Films, Forest Productions has you covered in all forms of video content.

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